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Summer is here and we all know what that means... sun, fun, and THE BEACH! The beach has become a go-to spot for Bach celebrations. However, there are so many things to bring it can be hard to plan it all! We’ve got you covered girl, don’t worry. About That Night has created a list of the 12 most important items to bring to your Bachelorette Beach Bash. Whether you’re having a destination Bach celebration or heading down to the Toronto beaches, all these items will make the day perfect. So, grab your fav ladies and get ready for an amazing time at the beach! Soak up the sun and have some laughs.

Let’s get started!

1. Big Bag

Nothing says beach day like a big bag full of sunny essential. If one or two Bach Party ladies bring a big bag, all of your stuff can be in one place. There’s also less chance of forgetting something at the beach because everything is in one big bag! For instance, you can put floaties, towels, and extra sunscreen for the whole crew. The Big Bag is perfect for sharing items and for large items that can be too bulky to carry individually. We suggest waterproof or plastic Big Bags because they will stay cleaner than a cloth bag (a big blue IKEA bag perhaps?).

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2. Cooler Bag

It wouldn’t be a Beach Bash without snacks and drinks! A cooler bag is the ultimate beach essential. Similar to the Big Bag, everyone can put their goodies in the shared cooler bag, making everyone’s life easier during the Bach gig. Some fresh fruit, lemonade, maybe even some veggies and meat you can cook on a beach barbeque. Whatever treats you decide to bring, they are sure to stay chilled in a cooler bag even in the summer heat. Don’t forget to bring this staple item to your Bach Beach Bash!

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3. Flip-Flops/Sandals

Hot, hot, hot! The sun always makes the sand super hot during the summer. Avoid sore feet by bringing a pair of flip-flops or sandals to your Bach Beach Bash! Bring your old favourites or pick up a pair of inexpensive flip flops from a store like Old Navy or Ardene. If you’re feeling ambitious, you and your ladies can get matching flip-flops. White for the Bride to Be and a cute, summer colour for the other ladies sounds like the coolest Bach crew out there! Not to mention, that flip-flops are light and super easy to carry to the beach! Bonus!

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4. Cover-up

We all want to soak up the sun and run around in our bathing suits but it doesn’t hurt to bring something to cover-up. When you’re eating, taking a break from the water fun, or checking out the beaches’ surroundings, the option to cover-up isn't a bad idea. There are some super cute cover-ups available especially during the summer months. The options are endless! Cotton cover-ups will keep you cool even in the summer heat, perfect!

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5. Big Umbrella

Sometimes the summer sun can get pretty intense and you need to cool down in the shade. When it’s hard to find natural shade at the beach, a big umbrella is the perfect solution. All of your Bach ladies can lay their towels under this beautiful canopy of shade, enjoying the beach atmosphere while avoiding a sunburn. Depending on the size of your Bach crew, one or two big umbrellas will be easy to carry and will keep everyone cool. There are also many places to find cute beach umbrellas with fun prints and designs to complement your Bach theme.

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6. Speaker

It wouldn’t be a proper Bach Bash without your favourite tunes to get you in the party mood! Another essential beach item is a portable, preferably waterproof, speaker. One of your Bach ladies is sure to have a speaker you can use so you can all enjoy the jams. Portable speakers are easy to carry and won’t take up much room in your bag making it the perfect Bachelorette Beach Bash accessory. Plus, if it happens to be waterproof, there is no chance of the music dying early from a beach accident, bonus! Additionally, you could prep a Bach playlist on Spotify or Apple Music so you don’t have to play DJ on the big day.

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7. Portable Power Pack for your Phone

Selfies and pics are a necessary part of every Bride to Be’s Bachelorette Bash. But you can’t take pics with a dead phone! That’s why a portable power pack for your cell phone is a smart addition to your event. There are no outlets easily available at the beach. So, save your friend’s battery life with this portable accessory. Not to mention that this device can keep your music alive as well, ensuring that the DJ’s phone doesn’t die mid-playlist. This small battery pack can keep your phones going strong for the entire Bach party.

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8. Cute Bathing Suit

One of the best parts of going to the beach is showing off your fav bathing suit! Spending your Bach at the beach with your besties will give you more confidence than ever to take pics in a new suit while your ladies back you up. A popular Bachelorette trend is to get matching bikinis or one-pieces. White for the bride and a different colour for the Bach guests so every photo will be Insta-worthy. Whether it’s a fun print or a bright solid your cute suit will make your day even more special.

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9. Inflatable Floaty

We’ve all seen them taking over our summer Insta feeds, but Inflatable floaties are a Bach Beach Bash must-have. Whether it’s a floating flamingo, donut, or a giant piece of watermelon, your party is sure to be full of colourful photos and fun times. Easy to transport, these inflatable floaties can be blown up with a small air pump upon arrival at the beach. Sit on your floaties in the sand or venture into the water for some unforgettable memories with your Bach ladies.

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10. Sunscreen

Time to get a little more practical. There’s nothing worse than getting a sunburn on your first day of the #BachWeekend. Avoid the discomfort by regularly applying sunscreen. Using sunscreen still lets you get a tan, don’t worry. But it protects your skin from harmful UV rays that can damage your skin, resulting in some nasty burns. A spray sunscreen is super convenient because it has a quick application and is easy to carry. Sunscreen is a must at your Bachelorette Beach Bash.

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11. Towel

Sometimes bringing lawn chairs can be too heavy and can take up too much space. Sitting or lying on a towel at the beach is the best replacement. You can lie down and listen to music with your besties or use it to dry off after falling off your floaty in the water. There are also many adorable towel patterns that you can choose from, so your Bach pics will look even cuter when you show off your stylish towels. Lie down and soak up the sun or cover yourself and hide from the rays, either way, a towel is a necessary beach accessory.

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12. Sunglasses

Blocking out the UV rays while looking like a queen! Your favourite sunglasses are a beach must, especially if you don’t have a hat to block the sun. This accessory is practical and very stylish. And you don’t need to buy expensive sunglasses to look cool. Stores like Ardene and Forever 21 sell affordable and trendy sunglass styles. Your whole crew will look amazing in your beach outfits, sunglasses included.

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Soaking up the sun and spending time at the beach with your ladies is the ultimate Bachelorette Bash. Whether you’re listening to music through your portable speaker, enjoying the water on an inflatable floaty, or taking some killer pics for Instagram, this will be an unforgettable party. We hope this list is useful and it helps you create your own list of accessories for the beach. Let us know about your fav beach items and tag us in your Bach pics

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