Colette Grand Café is an luxurious, elegant restaurant where you and your Bridal squad can get some food, drinks, and discuss the memorable events of your Bach party. Celebrating French cuisine with a Mediterranean flare, Colette Grand Café incorporates traditional flavours with a modern spin. Located in Holt Renfrew Toronto, this central French destination puts you in the middle of Yorkdale, at the heart of the city. 

Colette Grand Café serves many Brunch dishes including the Smoothie Bowl, Benedict, Avocado on Toast, Beef Tartare, and Mezze Grilled Flatbread. Some of the sides available include Croissant, House Smoked Bacon, and Rosti. The café a
lso offers several vegetarian and gluten free options so everyone in the bridal party can enjoy a taste of France. A variety of creative drinks are available to tempt any Bachelorette or bridesmaid including Bellini, Sparkling Negroni, Lavender Aviation, BonBon, and Espressoniti. 


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Colette Grand Café celebrates French cuisine, serving high quality ingredients and dishes to guests with Brunch dishes ranging from $13 - $33

Brunch is served Saturday from 9:30am – 3:00pm and Sunday from 11:00am – 7:00pm

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