Your doughnut cravings just got satisfied! At Glory Hole Doughnuts all doughnuts are hand-made from scratch daily, so everything you get is deliciously fresh. They make three types of doughnuts - yeast, cake & vegan. Flavour and quality are key at Glory Hole Doughnuts - your tastebuds will NEVER be disappointed. I mean, take a look for yourself:

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Our Bach Picks
1. Cake Doughnut  -  Sour cream cake doughnut topped with a birthday cake infused glaze and rainbow sprinkles
2. Milk and Cookies Yeast Doughnut  Yeast raised, cream cheese glaze, and house-made white chocolate/dark chocolate chip cookie chunks

The Details
Minimum Order is a half dozen
Full Dozen - $46 
Half Dozen - $23

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