For the Bride & her maidens, Klub Kave serves a whole lot of excitement as soon as you walk down the red staircase and into the cave of handsome men. The combination of mood lighting with great, dance-worthy music, transports you to another world. Klub Kave is a great option to start your night of shenanigans or to end off your evening of events. There is a man for every ladies' taste, performing their own sets with their own music and ensemble. There are intervals in between, allowing the ladies to talk about what just happened on the stage and drink a little bit or a whole lot more before the next performer makes his entrance. Take a peak at what is being served every Friday & Saturday night:
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They have a number of packages available to suit each every Bachelorette Party, each including a VIP Table with varying amounts of alcohol, to suit the drinking needs of your whole Bridal Squad. Prices starting at $50 per person. Click here for all package info. 
For those who would like a special delivery right to your front door, don't worry they have that option for you!

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