Snakes & Lattes
 takes any game night to a whole other level. With a full library of games, there are new games to play and old classics to revisit and win. With a food and drink menu, your energy levels will never drop, so you will never have an excuse to stop playing. This is a great option for any time during your Bach weekend! 

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The Details
Snakes & Lattes does not currently accept reservations, all seating is on a first come, first serve basis! So get there early to grab some prime seating and first pick at board games. The staff are not only there to help you with your food & drinks, but are also experts in all of the games. So if you want to learn something new or need any help, simply ask these gaming gurus!

Our Bach Picks
1. Drop In - In planning your Bach Festvities, make sure to swing by and add your name on the waiting list (if there is one) to make sure your Bach goes smooth
2. Snakes on the Go - Snakes & Lattes brings the Games to you, whatever location or venue you are hosting your event. This booking comes with gaming gurus, for instruction and facilitation. ALSO, you will have private access to your game picks. Please book in advance.

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